2023 important tax dates

  • January 17: Deadline for submitting W-2 forms to employees and the Social Security Administration.

  • January 31: Deadline for submitting 1099-MISC forms to independent contractors and the IRS, if the payment is made for services performed for your trade or business.

  • March 15: Deadline for S corporations to file their tax return (Form 1120S) and pay any tax owed.

  • April 15: Deadline for C corporations to file their tax return (Form 1120) and pay any tax owed.

  • April 17: Deadline for filing personal income tax returns (Form 1040) for partners in a partnership, single-member LLCs, and multi-member LLCs that are treated as partnerships for tax purposes

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Texas important tax dates

  • Texas Franchise Tax Report (Form 05-163): This is an annual report required for most businesses operating in Texas. The due date is April 15th of each year.

  • Annual Property Tax Report: This report is due by April 30th of each year and is required for businesses that own property in Texas.

  • Sales and Use Tax: Businesses that collect and remit sales tax in Texas must file and pay sales and use tax on a monthly or semi-annual basis. The due date for monthly filers is the 20th of the following month, while the due date for semi-annual filers is June 15th and December 20th of each year.
  • SUI tax: In Texas, the due date for paying SUI tax is quarterly, and the specific due date depends on the business's assigned due date. Employers can find their assigned due date on their unemployment tax statements or by contacting the Texas Workforce Commission.

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